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   Keys to 
Spiritual Success
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True belief in Jesus Christ (the Word of God made flesh) leads us to reverence (serve with devotion) God.  Reverencing God leads one to a life of obedience and this is marked by yielding our personal will, ambitions and desires to God's predestined purpose.  Obedience to God can only be fully fulfilled by studying the Word of God (the Bible) which allows us to learn about God, His purpose, instructions and protective directives and restrictions.  Following the admonition of Paul in Romans 12:1-2, we worship (submitting to God daily) which positions us to consistently communicate with God through prayer.  Combining prayer with fasting (denial of flesh) positions us to gain control over 'fleshy' desires and empowers us to overcome unusually strong demonic forces.  After receiving instructions from God through prayer, faith (the foundation of our hope) propels us to make plans, set goals and initiate action (works) that will enable the manifestation of the intangible. Understanding the principle of sowing described in Malachi 3:8-11, we stand on the promises and fully trust He will deliver on His promise.  We don't financially sow to reap, we sow to honor what God ask, reaping is just a bonus.  To carry out the Great Commission of Christ to go out into the world and share God news of Jesus Christ, we become skilled fishers of men.  Using the gifts entrusted to us by God, believers should find a church home to unite with and be trained to let their gifts give.   

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