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Overseer Stewart was raised in a God-fearing home by his parents Minister Charles E. Stewart and Elder Sharon M. Stewart. Together they lived according to the Word of God and instilled it in him.  The family’s membership at Rock of Ages Holy Church, under the pastorate of Bishop Raymond Walker, Jr. provided a firm foundation of ‘holiness being a lifestyle’ and inspired his pursuit for God's truth at an early age. 

Rock of Ages’ Music Department had a rare and powerful anointing, which allowed the gift of music ministry within him to be birthed and cultivated.  Pastor Stewart’s musical gifts were influenced at Rock of Ages by Kevin Walker, Pastor Darrell Parham Sr., Nate Bandy, and Eugene Moore.   Pastor Stewart’s musical gifts were first shared outside of the local assembly, as a musician of the John Bartram High School Choir under the leadership of Dr. Joanne Bailey, where he would meet and be further influenced musically by Zakery Williams.  God continued to open doors allowing his passion for music ministry and leadership to be shared. He played for the Eastern College Angels of Harmony, Kutztown University Gospel Choir and Temple University Gospel Choir.  Through the years, Pastor Stewart has helped many churches, from various denominations, build their music departments to the glory of God. 

With each musical opportunity, God cultivated and ignited Pastor Stewart's thirst for evangelism. God strategically allowed his musical gifts to position him to serve and observe powerful men and women of God.  The growing hunger for evangelism caused Pastor Stewart to challenge Temple’s Gospel Choir to not only sing but to provide platforms for evangelism and service.  This paved the way for Pastor Stewart to establish the Kingdom Works Coalition. This ministry targeted college students and young adults and is well known throughout the East Coast for hosting Church on Campus and the College Fest Conference for over ten years.

In 1999, Pastor Stewart joined Oasis of Refreshing Ministries under the pastorate of Bishop Bruce V. Parham.  The radical side of Pastor Stewart was strengthened as Bishop Parham taught members to “keep your own flavor” and “dare to be different."  Under Bishop Parham, in 2001, Pastor Stewart was submitted, licensed and released to minister the Gospel by Bishop Ralph Dennis of Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries.  In 2004, Pastor Stewart joined Covenant House of God, under the pastorate of Apostle Hagans, ironically her strengths were in his areas of weakness. 

Pastor Stewart faced a problem with each evangelistic endeavor.  He developed a burden for the souls that were won, rededicated and/or encouraged to become mature Christians.  This caused Pastor Stewart to seek God to answer the question, why?  God’s answer was surprising and life-changing.  In 2007, answering the call of God Pastor Stewart founded Kingdom Worship Center Church, Inc. His quest is ‘to maximize every opportunity and minimize his misses’, by observing and living according to the Word of God, while hearing and responding to the voice of God.

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